“Quinn is motivated, results-focused, and efficiency-minded. Bringing an in-depth knowledge of complex systems, developer language, agency operations, and full-circle marketing strategies, Quinn has the innate ability to step in and lead wherever challenges arise. I’ve benefitted greatly from their ability to take complex processes and simplify them to a point of both ease and increased profitability. Under pressure, Quinn always rises to the occasion, meeting quick deadlines, and calming high-stress scenarios, always bringing their team back to a place of productivity and enjoyment. But in addition to all of their skills, my absolute favorite things about Quinn are their kindness, sense of humor and subtle genius. It’s not often you find someone that’s such a Rockstar at their job who is also humble, teachable and fun to be around!”

Catherine Woodcock

“Quinn is such an asset when it comes to navigating digital marketing tools. She has helped me get my organization’s Google Ads and Facebook marketing off the ground and heading towards more productive outcomes. She is motivated by tricky situations which makes her so fun to work with. When she says she’ll work on or look into something, she won’t be satisfied until she finds a solution. Not only does she have a lot of knowledge already, but she is constantly seeking to learn more. I definitely recommend working with Quinn!”

Kendall Cole

“Quinn acted as a volunteer for the nonprofit I work for to help us up our marketing game. She did an incredible amount of work in a short amount of time, and already it’s making a huge difference for a small nonprofit like ours. Not only did Quinn help us with conversion from Universal Analytics to GA4, which was the original scope of the project, she also went above and beyond to help speed up our website, capture conversions with Google Ads, and make recommendations that I hadn’t even thought of. Quinn’s energy and enthusiasm for what she does also made a daunting project feel accessible. If you need help with any level of digital marketing, I couldn’t recommend Quinn more.”

Elena N.

“Quinn is a data-driven person who deals in facts. I worked with her to make my advertising more profitable and add fresh keywords and ad types. They really helped break down what was occurring and give a clear way forward to grow our advertising. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to increase their marketing efficiency from paid to organic!”

Elicia S.

Nate H.

“Quinn is a consummate professional, with a solid understanding of her field and an avid interest in keeping abreast of industry standards and best practices. She is a creative, flexible team player and tireless in her pursuit of the best possible solutions for clients. She approaches every task with determination and takes pride in delivering results. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure.”

Jen F.

“Quinn is a breath of fresh air to work with, and it’s not just because of her positive push forward attitude and energetic personality its that you can sense a genuine passion she puts in her work and her commitment to doing it well. This kind of enthusiasm is infectious and makes working with Quinn a real joy.”

Luca A.

Leon B.

“Quinn is great to work with both professionally and personally. She is dedicated to her work, and will never steer away from a problem no matter how difficult. Quinn has extensive knowledge in her field, and is very adaptable to her environment.”

Caila S.

“Quinn is very passionate about her work and incredibly knowledgeable. She will stop at nothing to get the job done right. Highly recommend.”

Sarah S.

Earlene D.

“I can’t express enough how fortunate I am to have the opportunity to work with Quinn. Quinn not only understands the technical side of marketing (SEO, Schema, tag management, Google Analytics, etc.), but she also knows how to take this technical knowledge to help any marketer who wants to increase their conversions using data and established digital marketing processes.

Our team presented her with a problem that spanned over multiple websites that needed a strategy to implement a new e-commerce solution. Quinn was able to identify issues that we had missed and give us a new perspective on how we could solve our marketing and technical problems. She offers a wealth of experiences that would be valuable for any digital marketer.”

Adam S.